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With DURABASE Interlocking, Landscaping, we make sure that first impression when visitors step on to your property is a positive one. Whether you are building a raised patio, rebuilding your front porch or building a walkway through an uneven yard, the addition of inclusion of beautiful stone, textured concrete or stone veneer steps will add beauty as well as practicality to your home, garden and yard. DURABASE Interlock, Landscaping is the company that will fulfill your needs from design to build; from start-to-finish all work is completed by trained professionals. We offer prompt and courteous services and guarantee our craftsmanship on hardscapes. The success and exponential growth of the company traces back to OUR TEAM’s mandatory requirement for all jobs and his own personal motto “Provide quality, durable construction, and do it right the first time.” DURABASE Interlock, Landscaping is extremely proud of its extensive list of glowing referrals and repeat clients, a tribute to both the quality of work and the employees who provide it.

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DURABASE Interlock, Landscaping has a long-standing reputation of providing durable, dependable, quality service, craftsmanship and excellent customer satisfaction. We are locally owned and operated with friendly and professional management team and workforce.

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Our experienced crew specializes in hardscaping and outdoor living construction projects. We work closely with our customers to create the complete property of your dreams. DURABASE Interlocking & Landscaping has a long-standing reputation of providing durable, dependable, quality service and excellent customer satisfaction. We will work for you to create an atmosphere that is entertaining and inviting, your wish list and your budget carefully weighting all available options:

  • Retaining Walls & Stair Systems
  • Decks, Fences & Gazebos
  • Landscaping Design & Build
  • Grading, Sodding, Planting, & Brickler
  • Waterfalls & Landscaping Lighting
  • Stone Masonry, Concrete Work & Irrigation
  • Flagstone (Porch Resurfacing) & Natural Stone
  • Interlocking Driveways, Walkways, Patios & Pool Landscaping…


Transform these spaces and outdoor living areas with beautiful and functional designs that you will be proud of and will want to share with your family and friends. Each project begins by listening to your desires and preferences while being aware of your budget. We offer suggestions and solutions to achieve your outdoor living goals. Our patios are functional and are built from only the finest materials, every patio is installed by our expert team.


As a homeowner you pride yourself on having a beautiful home, our goals are to make your dreams become a reality. We would love the opportunity to provide you with our superior quality and workmanship that meets and exceeds all expectations. With the proper installation of paving stones we will prevent pavers from cracking, shifting or separating. Your freshly installed pavers will look fantastic for generations. With a wide range of sizes, shapes, colors, textures and patterns of pavers available to choose from, it makes customized design possible for every type of courtyard, patio, deck, driveway or walkway. You can be confident of the quality and durability of the pavers you need with DURABASE Inc.

About Interlocking


1. Flexible in design Interlocking the pavers will provide you a refined look when it comes to designing. The interlocking Toronto pavers are available in different styles and shapes. They are very effective in designing a driveway or a patio. Research has shown that if these interlocking DURABASE are used wisely their intersection can be clearly seen.

2. Durable The paving material used for interlocking can be easily cleaned. In Toronto during winter, snow gets accumulated on the pavers and driveways. On these driveways, concrete and stone interlocking is done and so you can easily pick up the snow. The edges of the interlocking will not be cracked or chipped because of it slopping edges.

3. Versatile If you have decided to use the interlocking stone for your driveway, there are many options available for the interlocking driveway settings. It can be used in different ways to create wonderful effects. They can be used in such a manner that they look pleasing and soothing. Interlocking DURABASE stones can not only be used for driveways and pavers but also for gardens, walkways and retaining walls.

4. Easy to maintain Interlocking your driveways and pavers will provide you an easy maintenance as compared to other constructions of stamped asphalt or concrete. The stains or cracks on the pavers are easily repairable and replaceable. Moreover, you can remove only the damaged paver and replace with a new one.

5. Strength DURABASE interlocking service place single pieces for interlocking stone and thus it results in a high strong end product. It can also stand heavy load and pressure. It can also withstand the extreme temperature of winter and summer that is very common in Toronto.

6. Cost The cost of DURABASE interlocking driveways fall into three categories. Firstly, the purchase cost and other material costs. Second – the installation cost by the professionals and skilled labor. And finally the third- maintenance cost like sweeping and hosing the dirt away.


The disadvantages of the interlocking driveways or pavers are very few and can be avoided. As we know the professionals are involved in the installation of the interlocking and this can increase the cost to a great extent. The installation cost is almost half of the cost of driveways. The color of the pavers may fade with time if they are not properly sealed. Sometimes due to the leaking automobile fluids, it can be discolored. In case of more traffic oriented place, some areas may wear out. In a period of time, the result of many years of driving may be seen. Moreover, there may be other problem that may be caused due to the joint sand. Grass and weeds may start to grow between the joint on the pavers. This will result in additional maintenance. If the driveway is not sealed properly, the sand can wear out due to rains and winds.

If you are thinking to renovate or construct your driveways there are various paving materials available. Their variety of choices makes the owner confused. This confusion can be eliminated if you get proper assistance from a well-known interlocking DURABASE LTD service firm. They will guide the homeowners to select the appropriate paving material considering their needs and requirements. The professionals from the interlocking DURABASE LTD firm will study the landscape of the owners’ home and then decide the best paving material. The term ‘interlocking’ means to connect, so that movement of any part is controlled by another. Interlocking pavers are made from cement and concrete thus creating the effect of a cobblestone pathway. Paving material If you are confused as to which material to use for constructing your driveways, natural stone or interlocking stone is the best choice you can make. This will ensure a better look and give a decent appeal. Both these materials are an ideal choice for commercial or residential projects. Interlocking is the best choice for constructing the pathways or driveways. Following are the reasons or advantages of interlocking driveways and pavers. People generally plan to construct or renovate their driveways or courtyards when they are damaged. Renovating or constructing it will improve the look of the place and thus the value of your property will also increase.

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